The Forestry Commission and the British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC) worked in partnership to deliver an innovative outdoor event called the Woodland Edge to explore the future of Britain’s forests. 

Melt were invited to host a live blog platform for the 2-day event, beaming out content from the woodland edge via 3G to thousands of folk around the world. We encouraged speakers and delegates to write blogs before, during and after the conference to reflect on the issues, opportunities and ideas raised at the conference.

PPP at Scottish Parliament

This digital intervention allowed partner organisations to project their messages well beyond the South Downs, attracting around 3,000 extra people to the debating table. The site continues to exist as a record of this important period of public debate about Britain's forests.

Summary of Services:

  • Blog and Social Media Hosting
  • Podcasting
  • Event Photography
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