Meal Makers is a new project launched by the award winning charity Food Train. It connects people who love cooking and want to be active in their community (Cooks), with older neighbours (Diners) who would appreciate home cooked food delivered to them every now and then (Diners).

As interest in the project grows in Scotland and elsewhere, Melt were invited to work with Meal Makers staff to produce a micro-documentaryto consider the values, ambitions, people and stories that make the project what it is today.

Produced for streaming on Vimeo and YouTube, the film is targeted at potential cooks, diners and other partners currently looking to get involved in growing the Meal Makers idea.

For more info about Meal Makers and how to sign up to the project as a volunteer diner or a cook in your area go to:

Summary of Services:

  • Research and Storyboarding
  • Film Production
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